Thursday, 19 April 2018

Lithium Ion Battery Dealer in India

18650 Li-ion Battery Cell Supplier in India

Battery Capacity2000 mAh
Battery typeLi-ion
ApplicationSolar Lamp, DC Fan, Power Bank
Nominal Voltage3.7V
Model Number18650 2000mAh
Cycle LifeMore than 500 times




1, Longer storage life than NiMH Batteries

2, Light weight and higher energy density than any rechargeable battery

3, Installed IC chip will prevent the battery pack from over charge and over discharge .It helps protect battery chemistry integrity and prolongs battery life.

4, Perfect for building up battery pack for medical equipment Back-up or EPS Emergency Power

5, Supply which requires compact size and lighter weight

6, The battery module is wrap by PVC.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Best Gifting Product

Best Gifting Option in today’s modern business world: Power Banks

Corporate gifts, personal gifts or any occasion gifts of all shapes and sizes - from stress toys to bottle openers - helped countless businesses and relations promote their brands last year. But one promotional gift that really stood out during the year was the power bank as its sales surpassed all expectations!
Still, power banks are a new product and not everyone has heard of it's unique advantages. They are small devices that can be charged from any PC or laptop in the comfort of your home or office, and then used as an external power source for your mobile phone when you're out and about.

A gift that receives repeated use is proven to increase the likelihood of returning business. This is because being given a gift helps us feel affection toward the person who gives it to us. As we continue to use the gift we are constantly reminded of who gave us such a great item, meaning we will probably think of them when we require something in the future. Especially if you personalise it!
Everywhere you look today people are using mobile electronic devices wherever they go. A mobile phone to keep in touch, maybe a laptop to work on the move. We’ve adapted to a way of going about our daily lives which relies on battery life. When that battery power runs out, all the walls of our life come crumbling down.

Power Banks are great for keeping us charged up and ready to go whether in our social life or our work. Giving your customers a gift that keeps their walls intact and their days running smoother is certainly not going to go unnoticed.

Power Banks are small, lightweight and really handy. They come in a wide range of designs and styles (and power sizes) and they look amazing printed up with a company logo on them. They’re an ideal companion product for business trips, long train journeys, holidays or just during the day when you’re away from a mains socket (or you don’t have your mains charger with you).

Thus gift everyone with the best in market Coolnut, F-EYE and Moerdon premium quality and Made in India power banks. With this your every recipient will always have the best needed charge for their smartphone. Hence, make yourself stupendous and turn your gift memorable by gifting these products.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Coolnut Solar Power Bank Dealer

Coolnut Solar 13000mAh Power Bank

High Capacity, Fast Charging Unique Design Solar Battery Charger 13000 MAh Power Bank

When it comes to having a convenient and safe charging external power bank for your smartphone and other compatible devices, then this powerful COOLNUT 13000mAh Dual USB output Solar Power Bank is the best option for you. This high performance best quality power bank holds enough power to charge your devices at a maximum of 2A output, making it super handy to have around if you're low on battery with no outlets in sight.
It features innovative and additional solar panel system that recharges the power bank through direct sunlight in a few days of time. It also comes with another input charging port for convenient electric recharging. Another notable feature of this solar panel power bank is that it is powered by Li-ion cells which are the safest in the world. The beautiful looking shell case made with the premium quality Aluminium+ABS material, comfortably fits in hands giving an elegant and royal look.
This environmental-friendly portable power bank is unique in its own class and offers complete durability that makes it a perfect partner for a trip. As a symbol of high utility, it features 4-LED indicators that show charging status and an LED flashlight. Apart from that, this external battery charger has a multilevel security system for short-circuit, high-voltage and over-current risks. It also features auto-cut charge as by this technology, the device will automatically shut down in the case of a short circuit to protect your device. 

With the power of 13000mAh Lithium-Ion cells, this amazing gadget charges your mobile and 5V other
gadgets very easily on the go. Equipped with 4-LED power indicators and LED Flashlight.

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COOLNUT Power Bank Provides you high quality seven layer protections including over charge/ discharge protection,
over voltage/current protection and short circuit protection that ensures maximum safety at all times.
In addition, NTC temperature protection monitors battery temperature to avoid overheating damage.
Durable Aluminium+ABS outer casing with an amazing textured surface to prevent slippage.
Amazingly lightweight, curved design with a slim shape ensures a comfortable carry.

Compatible with all the branded smart phones, tablets and other digital devices like Samsung, Apple, HTC, iphone, ipad, Micromax,

Xolo, Oppo, Zen, LG, Sony, Phillips, Intex, spice, Microsoft, Google Nexus, Lenovo, Xiomi, Gionee, Panasonic, karbon, iball,

Motorola, idea, Reliance, Asus, Blackberry, Mi, LAVA and many more. It is compatible with almost all digital device

under 5 Volt, and many more (just connect with your USB cable). 


  • POWERFUL, UNIQUE DESIGN WITH SOLAR PANEL FUNCTION:- Ultra high performance, superb efficiency, Dual Output Charging power bank with a maximum of 2A output. Built-in unique solar panel that captures sunlight and recharges itself while on the go. Comes handy in emergency and difficult situations, to extend the usage time. Powered by durable high capacity 13000mAh Li-ion cell technology and goes compatible with all latest mobile devices.
  • SLEEK DESIGN WITH COMPACT SHAPE:- Amazingly lightweight, smarter look and compact design carved beautifully on ABS+PC shell case ensures a smooth, premium finish. Carry it easily, whether in pocket or handbag with complete satisfaction.
  • SMART 4LED POWER INDICATORS WITH LED FLASHLIGHT:- With smart 4-LED power indicators be updated about the battery level and the convenient LED flashlight comes handy in your dark or low conditions.
  • MULTIPLE PROTECTION MODULE:- Exclusive world class chips with IC protection, intelligent PCB technology monitors temperature, controls both input and output voltages, and guards against short circuits to provide you with maximum safety while charging.

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 -  13000 mAh Solar Power Bank.

  -  Packaging Box.

  -  User Manual.

  - 1 USB Charging Cable.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Happy New Year 2018 Get Best Offers on Latest Power Banks

Well, as we all once again have marched one step ahead in our life and the calendar year 2017 has been put down. Jubilantly, the commencement of the fresh year ‘2018’ is in full swing all over the globe, with the exquisite layer of soothing warmth and pomp and joy in the Air. As always, we had and will probably gear up with something as in new year resolutions. Well, resolution, the word in itself imparts its abundant significance, ‘plan’. For some who lived up and made to the most impeccable moments to the queer ones, who left short to nostalgia in this prolonged journey of life. Everyone undergoes such a time, where succeeding in the accomplishment of set goals without facing some unexpected setbacks, is not possible. We all constantly strive to understand our circumstances and our purpose. Thus, chuck-off the erstwhile year anxiety or anything that’s hindering you, and make the most from this fresh year 2018, in all regards.

In today’s busy life, every folk is extremely indulged in their daily hustle and bustle life that they barely pull out time to meet their needs and expectations, which just reside in a soft corner in their hearts, unanswered.! In order to fetch and meet those fluctuating needs securely without any confusion, the most trusted and reliable brands Coolnut, F-EYE & Moerdon have always served and brought into the limelight an extensive range of useful products.
Gifts are not something delightful for us. We give out gift sat all occasions, but it’s New Year on its way and the best time to offer out some gifts to all. Corporate Gifts are a great way to create a brand image. Reasons for gift giving range from thanking long-standing customers for their business to recognizing a valued employee for working on a weekend. Thus gift everyone with the best in market Coolnut, F-EYE and Moerdon premium quality and Made in India power banks. With this your every recipient will always have the best needed charge for their smartphone. Hence, make yourself stupendous and turn your gift memorable by gifting these products.

Designed, created and comprised on the latest innovative ideas by the team of experts, our remarkable array of versatile products are mounting up the ladder on the competitive market, right on the move. Thus, it’s time for shopping with these three versatile brands where customers can save more or can say a lot of money on purchasing every item.
Under the new year sale, you can avail several lucrative deals on mobile power banks,laptop power banks,selfie sticks,cables and across various other product categories. Deals are available both on all latest e-commerce app and the web page.
Shopping on Amazon is the safest option in India as they really care for their customer’s satisfaction and needs. Similarly, shop this festival with Coolnut, F-EYE and Moerdon, and experience the selfsame joy and satisfaction as you feel when buying on shops.
So, set yourself for the best, excellent and worthy that openly competes the other public made brands. Have the liberty always and go for the best selective offers and for a prolong time stay under a touch of pleasure and fulfillment.

Having said that the best deals are on the way, this is the right time to go for the incredible offers and huge discounts. With customer satisfaction and nod, every product is in itself premium, ultimate and serves great performance.

Indeed, now leave all your erstwhile worst experiences away and board yourself on the track where immense rejoice and triumph always rekindle your life. Fill it with utmost happiness and delight with these brands family and be our one among all esteemed list of satisfied customers.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Moerdon Solar Power Bank 10000mAh suppliers in India

Moerdon Solar 10000mAh Power Bank

Oftenly, we tend to stay outdoors and come across a situation when we don’t have a power socket to charge our phones. But, you don’t have to further worry as you will be having a substitute along with you always, Moerdon 10000 mAh Dual USB output power bank.
For compact convenience outdoors when it comes to keeping a charge on your devices, this power bank is a great candidate for those looking for their perfect solar power source. With Lithium-ion Battery Pack, this device can charge multiple devices without issue. It comes with two USB output ports to lighten the load of charging your devices around, making a good use of this spare battery.

Just as the name suggests, a solar power bank is a battery power storage unit that gets its energy from sunlight. This kind of banks is especially useful during camping trips when there are no electricity sockets to be found, but keeping charged equipment for emergencies is necessary.
As specially invented with premium quality solar panel that recharge the power bank under direct sunlight, you can charge your devices with 2.1 Amp output current and recharge the power bank back with another electric input port of 2 Amp. Moreover, the build is extremely good as invented with ABS.

You also get some added features along with this super power bank that are 4 LED power indicators, LED flashlight, power button and 3 micro USB cables that makes it really a worth buy.
Also protected with multi-level protection module that guards your charging devices from unwanted risks like charging/discharging malfunctioning.
So, if you really want yourself to have a premium, high performance and superb working power banks that are functional even when outdoors under solar energy, then you really must pick this Moerdon solar charger.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Laptop Power Bank high capacity 50000mAh in India

Massive portable power for your Devices
F-EYE Laptop Power Bank

Are you tired of loosinglatop and mobile charge all the time.?And want to charge your laptop with smartphonewithout any electricity or while you are at work or while travelling. Well, this is the right place for you to know the best laptop power bank to safely and reliably charge your devices.
The F-EYE 50000 mAh power bank is sincerely the most appropriate and ultimate power bank you could ever have. With its superb potential to powerfully, chargeyour devices super fast. This laptop power bank has in total 6 output ports. There is one output charging port for laptop that is valued at 20V/3Amp and there is another output port, 12V/2.5Amp that can charge special/selective other electronics. So, make sure to check the correct & suitable output port, according to your laptop or other device specification before charging.

After you make the power bank connected with your laptop, you need to press the button to turn it on, but no need to press when charging smartphones. The other four USB output charging ports; two rated: 5V/2.1Amp and the remaining two: 5V/1Amp, together can charge several devices, including all latest smartphones, iPad, tablet and other USB enabled devices. Backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty, this emergency battery charger for your laptop comes with 38 connectors to cover most of the notebooks in the market. It also includes, 1 DC cable, 1 AC 100-240V adapter, 1 soft pouch for its safety and a user manual.

So, productive and impeccable is what this F-EYE power bank is all about.The massive capacity charger can easily and practically fuel up to loads your devices for numerous times.You never have to botherof thinking cold of gettinga low battery of the power bank as it will always act a constant companion for your power hungry devices. It includes a high-energy density, fast-charging, superb design, and smart safety protection circuit. It also delivers beautiful looks on durable ABS+PC at affordable prices along with great customer service.
The power bank includes a power level LED display that shows you how much charge remains in the power bank.It is great buy if you’re going to be away from mains power for several days. Everything is incorporated in this power bank along with maximum safety features, to provide rich protection to your devices as well as for the power bank itself. If there tends to happen any such type of inappropriate risk, the power bank automatically shuts down.

So, have this best efficiency and immaculate power bank in your pocket and always fly high, very high with your beloved gadgets. 

Lithium Ion Battery Dealer in India

18650 Li-ion Battery Cell Supplier in India Battery Capacity 2000 mAh Battery type Li-ion Application Solar Lamp, DC Fan, Power Ba...