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Best Suppliers of Power Bank in India

Dealers of Power Bank in India...

Hey people, now completely get amazed to experience premium quality, advanced technology and superb performance power banks invented by India’s three prominent brands, F-EYE, Coolnut and Moerdon. These three versatile brands are owned by Pantagone Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., most famous and amiable enterprise stationed in Bhopal. The company is a wide manufacturer, dealer, importer of power banks ranging from 4000 mAh to 20000 mAh category. With this you can get the best of deals and real prices never seen before. No quality compromise is ever done in any segment, only total customer satisfaction is what their motto is. Get long lasting products with these brands and have superb experience hereafter.

1.Premium Power Bank 2000mAh Power Bank

A power bank is a portable charger for your mobile devices and it is an absolute necessity if you are a frequent traveler. It’s not always possible to feed a full charge to the phone before leaving our home. So, you absolutely need a portable power bank to be able to charge your devices if you want to fully utilize them on the go. Mobile has become the primary source of calling, the internet, gaming, and for many more applications that we regularly use. Thus smartphones and other handheld devices, all require power after some time and a power outlet is generally not available everywhere you go and when our phone gets dead, it really becomes the worst situation to deal with. So, it’s a necessity that you have a portable power bank to keep our device going 24x7 on the spot if necessary. Power banks provide an appropriate tool to save our phones during an immediate moment. And the best, advanced and most trusted mobile power banks are provided here for the best charging experience. Our battery chargers are specially made to act as a best friend for your charging devices

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We are power banks manufacturer,suppliers and wholesale dealers in India.we have different range of power banks like coolnut,moerdon and f-eye power banks.There are different capacity power banks from 2000mAh to 50000mAh.

2.Best Power Bank Suppliers 

10000mAh Power Bank

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2.Power Bank Suppliers in India

Do you have a power bank that’s not at all meeting your needs of fast charging your devices? Do you now wish to change your ordinary power bank into an advanced, super fast charging, premium quality power bank that answers all your expectations? Then, surely this Coolnut exclusive high performance 7500mAh Dual USB output power bank is the most suitable and a must keep excellent gadget for you. It is specially invented with quick recharge 2A input technology that in short time recharges the power bank. And with ultra high-speed charging technique, this portable external battery charger rapidly charges your smartphone and other high-tech gadgets with a maximum of 2.1A output. It quickly puts life back into all your devices in short time. This beautiful compact power bank shell casing is solidly made with the best quality ABS+PC material with defined edges and professional looks. It further comes with 4-LED power indicators that display the charge level and is powered with high-capacity Original Li-ion cells that once fully charged lasts for a long times. This stylish and convenient power bank features several safety measures, including IC protection, intelligent PCBs, 7 multilayer overcharge-discharge protection with auto-off feature when not in use.

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3.Manufacturer of Power Bank
Moerdon 2500mAh power bank supplier
Charge your smartphone just on the go with the new Coolnut 2500mAh rechargeable Power Bank. Built-in with a powerful,high-outputcharge delivering, durableLi-ion battery, this amazing power bank can conveniently charge your smartphones anytime and anywhere. Thecute looks and easy grip handling design,adds more delight to your life. Compatible with almost all smartphones and digital gadgets of 5V, it possesses an output port of 5V, 1.0A and input port of 5V,1A.Made with the finest quality of ABS+PC  material, the gadget is perfect for using on travelling and outdoor activities.
After getting fully charged once it instantly charges your smartphone connecting it with the USB cable.  The long-lasting cable is made ofhigh-quality material that helps charge your handset within a short time with complete safety. The extremely lightweight and very portable design of this pocket size, power bank enables you to carry it anywhere you go.  Apart from being stylish in shape, it acts as an intelligent device which have an over current protection, overcharge protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection and short circuit protection and reset mechanism.
All these immensely efficient and convenient features make this product a must buy.
Moerdon 2500mAh power bank supplier

Coolnut 10000mAh newly design power bank

Now, charge your smartphone with a boosting charge anywhere and anytime by this magnificent Coolnut 10000mAh power bank. All your worries regarding your smartphone or any other device now will be easily answered in a pleasant way. Equipped with 4 LED indicator that shows the battery status, this beneficial power bank instantly charges your smartphone whether, indoors or outdoors. The slim model rechargeable power bank ensures fast and safe charging of your device that prevents loss of energy. Compatible with every smartphone and digital devices under 5V, this smart gadget safely charges your device as it automatically stops supplying further charge when the battery gets fully charged. The bright LED flashlight ensures light when needed to make it a perfect one in unique features. Carry this immensely beautiful and compact power pack anywhere easily in your pocket or handbag.

Your everytime low and meagre battery problem that mostly lands when accomplishing some vital task, especially outdoors; now no more is going to madden you. With the reliable employment of this exclusively designed, durable 10000mAh power bank, anywhere and anytime restock your smartphone or any 5V digital gadget battery promptly. Providing consistent high-output charge when you are cut-off from reach of main power, this handy device comes out to be your perfect associate. This extremely stylish power bank is made of high-quality ABS+PC material which is completely comfortable in hands winning your wow. Simply connect this beautifully designed power pack with the provided top quality, fast charging USB cable that enhances your smartphone battery life and let the world of well-being pour in your life.
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