Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Laptop Power Bank high capacity 50000mAh in India

Massive portable power for your Devices
F-EYE Laptop Power Bank

Are you tired of loosinglatop and mobile charge all the time.?And want to charge your laptop with smartphonewithout any electricity or while you are at work or while travelling. Well, this is the right place for you to know the best laptop power bank to safely and reliably charge your devices.
The F-EYE 50000 mAh power bank is sincerely the most appropriate and ultimate power bank you could ever have. With its superb potential to powerfully, chargeyour devices super fast. This laptop power bank has in total 6 output ports. There is one output charging port for laptop that is valued at 20V/3Amp and there is another output port, 12V/2.5Amp that can charge special/selective other electronics. So, make sure to check the correct & suitable output port, according to your laptop or other device specification before charging.

After you make the power bank connected with your laptop, you need to press the button to turn it on, but no need to press when charging smartphones. The other four USB output charging ports; two rated: 5V/2.1Amp and the remaining two: 5V/1Amp, together can charge several devices, including all latest smartphones, iPad, tablet and other USB enabled devices. Backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty, this emergency battery charger for your laptop comes with 38 connectors to cover most of the notebooks in the market. It also includes, 1 DC cable, 1 AC 100-240V adapter, 1 soft pouch for its safety and a user manual.

So, productive and impeccable is what this F-EYE power bank is all about.The massive capacity charger can easily and practically fuel up to loads your devices for numerous times.You never have to botherof thinking cold of gettinga low battery of the power bank as it will always act a constant companion for your power hungry devices. It includes a high-energy density, fast-charging, superb design, and smart safety protection circuit. It also delivers beautiful looks on durable ABS+PC at affordable prices along with great customer service.
The power bank includes a power level LED display that shows you how much charge remains in the power bank.It is great buy if you’re going to be away from mains power for several days. Everything is incorporated in this power bank along with maximum safety features, to provide rich protection to your devices as well as for the power bank itself. If there tends to happen any such type of inappropriate risk, the power bank automatically shuts down.

So, have this best efficiency and immaculate power bank in your pocket and always fly high, very high with your beloved gadgets. 

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